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About Luz María

Luz was born is Lima, Peru. She is a daughter of Hilda Surco Bueno and Manuel Villagras Tapia.

Luz was raised in many cities of Peru but the majority of her childhood was settled in a city called “Cusco”. One of the most Picturesque and beautiful cities of Peru, the capital of the Incas Civilization.

Luz is a mix of a Native Peruvian and Spanish conquistador’s blood. She was raised on a small shanty town of Cusco, on a very humble environment, at a very early age she knew what she wanted to do with her life. Luz always enjoyed traveling and learning about the history and architecture of Peru.

Luz ‘s can speak English, Italian and Spanish (native language). Among the main degrees and courses, she has taken are the below:

• Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration & Human Resources Management, Middlesex University, UK – 2010
• Certified Supply Chain & Logistics Manager, Dubai Trade, UAE – 2008.
• Certified NLP and Life Coaching
• NLP Association of Excellence
• The international Coach federation (ICF)
• International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine
• CIPD Diploma (L&D Practices) - 2009
• Tony Robbins - 2019
• Marisa Peer – RTT Hypnosis Therapist
• Joe Dispenza (Quantum Physics One Week Retreat)

• Dr. P.HD Shefali Tsabary’s Institute of Conscious Parenting Method (CPMC)

At 43 years old, she practices Intensive Conditioning Training (Cross-fit) and has participated in the Cross-fit Games in 2018. Luz is a single mother of 3 wonderful boys: Mohammed, Adam, Joseph.

Luz loves fitness, meditation and travelling and most importantly she loves to contribute to the community.

Click here to book an appointment with Luz today. Begin your journey of holistic wellness with Luz.

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