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Every parent will tell you what a huge responsibility it is to raise a child. This responsibility doesn’t end at putting kids in a good school or caring for their health-related needs. Effective parenting entails the holistic development of children, which is not an easy task.

With the changing times, parents are presented with a new set of challenges every day, often leaving them in a fix. Parenting is an extremely important skill and when there is training for almost everything from fitness to cooking, and even pursuing a hobby, then why not for parenting? With increasing mindfulness about child-rearing, parents require the assistance of an expert to guide them through their parenting journey and assisting helping them in implementing the right approach to ensure their child’s well-being.

The various workshops that are conducted by Luz at PositivelivingPositive Living, UAE, are interactive sessions with parents, where they are counselled and trained on various issues associated with children. These courses are designed to build confidence in the innate ability of parents with assurance, love, guidance, and patience. Communication is the key to every relationship, and Luz, helps parents effectively communicate with their children thereby helping them to have a positive outlook on life and themselves. These workshops are beneficial not only when you are a parent, but also if you are expecting kids or planning to have them.

Duration: 2 hours (1 session).

Location: Live or by Zoom video call.

Up to 100 people.

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