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conscious parenting

workshops for schools

The Conscious Parenting Workshops are facilitated by Luz Maria. She is an experienced parenting specialist, who has worked with both parents, teachers, and children. School is the second home for kids. and Wwhile they are at school, their need to be loved, heard, and appreciated doesn’t reduce.

In order to help teachers and caregivers at school, to help children focus and grow, and to enhance positivity around them, through her workshops Luz helps to bring about mindfulness, compassion, and clarity. The workshops can easily be customized to the unique needs of teachers and children. They are extremely beneficial as they help empower educators to cultivate joyful and equitable learning environments.

Our programs assist educators to rewire with their strengths and passion for teaching by providing immediate tools for self-care, improvement, and practices to become more grounded, intentional, and fully present.

Duration: 2 hours (1 session)

Location: Live or by Zoom video call.

Maximum Attendees 100 people.

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