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conscious parenting coaching

Do you want to raise creative, positive, and resilient kids? Are you struggling with one of your children and confused about how to create accord in your relationships or handle different situations? Is your child facing conditions, that are disrupting his/ her learning and development at school? 

Conscious Parenting helps make a paradigm shift in one’s outlook and focuses on levitating a parent’s consciousness. It also helps parents evolve and learn before and during raising their children. 

Through the Conscious Parenting Method, we’ll deconstruct standard norms and prejudices and how some still hold the power to influence how you parent your parenting practices. We’ll thoroughly analyse and examine the various needs of your children across each developmental stage, from new born to adulthood, and how to heal from any unmet needs of the phases that have already passed. Luz will work with you to help you get rid of any emotional baggage’s from your childhood and shift your thoughts and feelings to authentically bond and enjoy with your children. This will result in fewer conflicts, uneasiness in the family and will lead to the healthy psychological and emotional development of kids.

Duration: 8 weeks program, 2 hours per week (total of 16 hours).

Location: at the clinic or via Zoom video call.

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