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Breaking Through your Limiting Beliefs

Pause for a minute and think about how you feel after a good night’s sleep. Often you feel rested, ready for the day, and open to new possibilities. When you are asleep, your body has time to grow, improve, and strengthen. A hypnosis session brings you into a state that resembles sleep but you are actually in a powerful control of your emotions for the very first time.

After a hypnosis therapy treatment, you will have the tools to change your current reality for a better one! with only one session. Hypnosis therapy is scientifically proven to help you to strengthen your spirit, to learn and understand yourself deeply and ultimately, it helps you to overcome any mental obstacle which you want to get rid on. 

Hypnosis is an effective method of change for both children and adults. It helps you to push past your mental barriers and increase your receptiveness to change. Many people use hypnosis to overcome addictions, obesity, and trauma. It can be used to lose weight, remove anxiety, and push past depression and stress.

On a Video Call
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Personalized Session which focuses on challenges, such as: Fears, Sleeping Issues, Anxiety, Stress Management, Addictions of any sort



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The hypnosis therapy at Positive Living UAE, aims to strengthen a person’s determination and motivation to quit smoking.
Checking Weight
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We offer personalized programs and tools that help track your physical activity, weight, and sleep. 



The Leap
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 What we think of ourselves can significantly affect our behaviour and can impact the results we achieve. 



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