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limiting beliefs



Our self-confidence is largely based on our self-image. It is the way we feel or perceive ourselves. What we think of ourselves can significantly affect our behaviour and can impact the results we achieve. People can sometimes be unaware of what their self-image really is and how it affects their lives because it is often stored at an unconscious level.

By using various advanced psychological techniques and hypnotherapy, one can quickly eliminate negative thoughts, emotions, and limiting beliefs that withhold them from living a happier, fulfilling life. At Positive Living, UAE, through these sessions, we help you achieve clarity on what you really want, motivate and inspire you to take positive steps to achieve it.

Through this scientific approach, we quickly and effectively assist you to remove and clear from the root, the emotional and physical symptoms that lead to anxiety, stress, panic attacks, phobias, trauma, and distressful memories. Through her coaching sessions, Luz helps you to improve your confidence and help you to reach your full potential to manifest the life you.

Duration: 8 weeks program, 2 hours per week (total of 16 hours).

Location: at the clinic or via Zoom video call.

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