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We often associate being healthy with our weight. Often, we tend to forget our weight has nothing to do with us being healthy. Yes, being over or underweight is indeed a cause of concern but mostly it is about maintaining the perfect weight as per your height and age. Well-being and fitness are the end result of sustainable weight management. It is about understanding the science of your body weight, modifying your eating habits, being able to translate it into simple, practical strategies for weight management.

Every person is unique and each body type is different. Luz Maria understand this fact and offer personalized programs and tools that help track your physical activity, weight, and sleep. This helps to maintain awareness about the key contributing factors that lead to changes in your weight and your overall fitness.

It is a program that cultivates weight management and healthy habits. Whether your goal is to lose fat or prevent weight gain or even gain weight, the Perfect Weight Program is ideal for you.

Duration: 8 weeks program, 2 hours per week (total of 16 hours).

Location: at the clinic or via Zoom video call

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