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Family workshop

A very useful and insightful workshop! It made us feel so positive. We were able to take away practical skills that can be put to use right away – at home with our family and at work. The workshop and the exercises were engaging, informative, and fun. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is looking for increased well-being and balanced family life. The profound trainers at Positive Living, UAE, are not just your guide but they also assist you to be focused on holistic development. These programs are perfect as they helped me discover a side that was unknown to me for years.

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Conscious parenting coaching

Before attending the workshop at Positive Living, UAE, the atmosphere at home was often chaotic. Nothing really worked: Rewards, bribes, screaming, or a point system. Additionally, my child was struggling with misbehavior and lack of focus at school. He was being disruptive, was lacking confidence. It made me paranoid. After I attended the first session, I found a ray of hope. I felt this would be my luminous pathway to change things for my son and even for myself. After 3 sessions, I found a positive change in my son’s attitude and even mine. I wish to continue implementing what I learnt during the workshop every day.

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Conscious teenagers coaching

I was referred to Luz by a friend. I often considered myself as a great fun-loving parent, but somehow lately my daughter felt different. I was losing focus on family and at work too. Our battles were increasing and I realized how tough it is to raise a teen. When I attend the workshop meant for teens, it helped me to understand my child differently. I gradually began to understand her temperament and our conflicts reduced as well. She too opened up to my outlook and we were able to come to a mutual agreement on things. This change in my family life, helped me to improve professionally as well. Thank you for helping me become the parent I wanted to be.

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Carolina D. Perez

Conscious Relationships

Couple Theraphy

Luz, I wanted to thank you infinitely for the very special process that I went through during all the activity, which we managed to carry out together. Thanks to you and your knowledge, I was able to perceive life in a different way. One of the most important things that stood out in this process was my personal and spiritual growth and as a woman to see the value of self-love, love for others and above all the most important, love for my children and for all my family . It should be noted that each process is different and sometimes we see the most difficult situations in dark moments with no way out, but thanks to those gray days and YOUR HELP, YOUR WISDOM AND SUPPORT, I became aware and I gain excellent lessons.

I have progress as a mother, as a wife, I learn new knowledge that have contributed to my evolution. Day after day after and after our therapy sessions, I have put all the new knowledge into practice and thanks to your collaboration and support, I have seen positive changes in my home, in the workplace and in my entire environment and my whole life!

I thank you again for helping my beautiful family to grow and see things with different perspectives my husband and I have learnt to overcome all our obstacles with clarity and confidence.

Thank you for listening to us and helping us to regain & reconnect what makes us to be together in the first place “our unconditional love” without you! it would not have been possible to recover our relationship as a couple!

God bless you and continue to bless your knowledge so that you can help many families and people in need.

My most sincere appreciation!!

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Anne Francois

Hypnosis Therapy, NLP & Conscious Parenting

A good friend of mine introduced me to Luz so I have to admit I went to see her with faith and confidence. I had 8 weeks/8 sessions of PNL/hypnosis/ conscious parenting therapy with Luz and I have to say the experience has been amazing and above all expectations. 

Luz is such a kind, empathic, supportive, funny, non-judgmental and professional person.
She gives 200% of herself in the work, understanding and support.
She always finds the right words and right things to say and I was so looking forward to each session.

I started the therapy in such physical pain that I've had for almost a year, (not even the reason why I started the therapy in the first place) so much pain and inflammation in the neck that I could not move my head when I first met Luz. I've had many physiotherapy sessions at the time but the pain was still there. And I did not realize it all started in my head.
Working on my accumulated negative emotions during one hypnosis session, I only realized after the session that the pain was gone, that I could move my head normally and that life was beautiful!
Working on all my emotional blockages has been such a life-changing experience. Luz taught me how to live in consciousness, how to change my toxic way of being, how to find my true self, how to find peace in my life and the power within myself to choose my own path. To be myself.

I was feeling trapped and stuck in my life, in my head, in my relationship. I now just feel free to be who I am and able to achieve whatever I want to do, even my marriage (of 13 years) has taken a new amazing direction. Step by step. For now, I am able to enjoy every daily moment of joy and happiness, and I feel so grateful for it. 
Grateful for my life and so grateful I have met Luz and can now open a new chapter of my life (a great one)!

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Aida Moosa

Hypnosis and Conscious Parenting Coaching

Hi Luz. So I know that thanksgiving day has passed, but I learned so much from you in our sessions that I want to keep giving my “thanks” even after the famous turkey celebration. It’s also a reminder for me TO BE GRATEFUL - which is something I took for granted all these last years I “lost myself” ,and our conversations were an eye opener in so many ways, I want to make sure, i am reminding myself to stay on the path of consciousness and gratitude.  Luz, a week after our last session, I’m still making progress, I’m still making mistakes but I know more, I’m know better, I’m reading the book you gave me and I am definitely connecting the dots and reminding myself of my ego when my kid pulls one of his usual stunts and cope better in those scenarios that used to trigger me. I became kinder and more tolerant of my in-laws, I try to show it as much as I can too- so far so good, I hope it stays like this. I feel that a lot of things became easier, that BEFORE I used it say : it’s so hard... suddenly it doesn’t feel that hard anymore. So BIG thank you to you for the tools you provided to me, to see a different way of communicating and making myself heard and understood as well as l helping me listen to the most important people in my life. My kids and my husband. It made such a huge difference. Really... I’m forever grateful

Every night I look at them in my pictures and I’m so grateful for them, my heart is smiling, I am so in love with them, I want to be the best mom and parent they could have. Thanks again fir helping me go through those challenging times, it’s like learning to swim and overcome the fear of water and that feeling of abyss under my feet. I’m learning more and more each day... thank you so much.️

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Ayiah Abdulaziz

Conscious Parenting Coaching

Hi Luz, I am so grateful that I decided to start this journey with you. I had fears and obsessions that I didn’t understand, and I wanted to be more myself and a better parent to my kids. Thank you for helping me understand my patterns and how to be a conscious parent who understands there’s no trigger outside of me.

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Hanna Latif

Hypnosis Therapy and  Conscious Parenting

Luz, ️your voice note really touched me! Thank you for thinking of me it just shows me how truly genuine u are as a coach & human being.. thank YOU. Yes I did the same day, it was a good feeling.. I’m healing every day & im so aware of myself like I’ve never been before.. so grateful to have gotten to know you in this lifetime. I’ll never forget how you helped me. Forever grateful my dear Luz! Bless you always!️

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Hypnosis Therapy,

Sleeping Issues

Luz, I cannot be more grateful for showing me that we are not slaves of our past and we can decide our present and our future. The second session of hypnosis when I met my inner child was absolutely magical. I’ll never forget that. And I sleep much better now!!!! Thanks a million!!!!

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Linda Brooke

Hypnosis and Conscious Parenting Coaching

Going to therapy with Luz was completely unplanned, but somehow something led me to her and here I am. Completed 8 weeks of therapy and I've never felt this calm and at peace in the longest time, with abundance of new knowledge and a complete mindset shift.


I've always thought about/considered therapy but never really made it a priority instead, it's just something that has been floating somewhere at the back of my mind. I'm interested in doing it but never willing to pay for the price because it felt expensive.


One morning, one of her post on Instagram pop up on my screen and it said 'Your whole idea about yourself is borrowed. Borrowed from those who have no idea of who they are themselves'. This caught my attention and really resonated with me, I went to the page, browse around a bit and saw that she offers 30 mins of free consultation. I thought to myself if not now, then when. I have nothing to lose, it's for free. I clicked on the calendar and surprisingly - she's free the same afternoon and so I went ahead and book purely out of curiosity and without any expectation.


That 30 mins free consultation turned into 1.5 hours, I didn't even know what I wanted from that call and somehow she just cracked me and knew what questions to ask to provoke such impeding thoughts out of you. She was very thorough and extremely helpful, she gave me a safe space and helped me deal with my issues and tailor made a program designed to help me address my issues and free myself from all the limiting beliefs I was mentally conditioned since childhood. Thank you Luz for the way you've changed my life and shift my mentality! Definitely the best ever investment I've ever done, investing on myself!

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Laura Vozzini

Hypnosis Therapy and Conscious Parenting.

(Milano, Italy)

I cannot thank enough Luz Maria for her helping me healing the root causes of my trigger. Having studied psychology and being working as therapist I had been deeply working on my wounds prior meeting her however the trigger with my parents were still there. Being a conscious mother of a toddler I was 100% committed to heal the whole wounds to avoid passing them to my daughter.


Luz’s therapy has been the key of this healing, with a very compassionate and professional way she took me back by hand to my childhood, made me aware there was still some healing to do and in less than 8 weeks she took me that place I needed to go to become whole again.

This THERAPY PACKAGE with Luz has been such a liberation and freedom and even to connect back with my parents, to free myself and to be happy and proud of myself again. I healed myself more profoundly so that I can be the loving and patient parent my child needs me to be.

Luz has been the key who has unlock my transformation, she has an innate intuition, very deep connected with me. I cannot recommend Conscious Parenting Program enough.

It won’t take years to heal, when it is the right approach and coach, Luz is the right person.

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Sara R. Tapia

Hypnosis Theraphy: severe depression, anxiety,

irrational fears.

(Barcelona, Spain)

I am so endlessly grateful to you because I found “Light” in my life, Light like your name. 
Thanks to you, Luz, I found the light that I needed to find in the darkness I was lost.


I found myself again, I found the light I needed to walk to love me again, to feel alive and to love my life again.
I found this positive path because of your guidance, your advises and your support in your therapy.

I don’t feel to die anymore. I can sleep again peacefully, I can see things clearly and I can again be a normal person who sleeps really well. All my life has changed thanks to you.


Now I see things for what they are and with new different perspectives. I see myself with compassion and, I even see other people who I used to resent, I see them now with love, compassion and tolerance. 

Luz, you gave me indeed your light as your name “Luz”. You gave me the light and for that I thank you!. GOD bless you! and I really THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!

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Sophia Sotomayor

Hypnosis Therapy for Anxiety, Self Confidence and Perfect Weight

Luz, in Spanish means "light" and you have truly brought a new light into my life, my whole body feels much lighter, free of the weight of my own thoughts.


Thank you for showing me how to love and accept myself and embrace who i am!

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Jessica Lopex

Hypnosis Therapy over Stress and Anxiety.

(Mexico City)

I am so grateful for our session yesterday!!

I had been under a lot of stress lately and now I feel so relaxed and cannot find exact reasons I was stressed about. Thank you for how deep you took me to find the root cause of one of my biggest challenges in my life, my health.

You made believe in myself that everything I have been doing has worked. Your voice and words gave confidence.

I felt empowered!!

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Amina Thanweel

Hypnosis Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming

Luz is an amazing and very professional therapist who is a real life changer!

In very short period of time with Luz, I learned about myself more than last 20 years!

My only regret is that I didn't met her much more earlier in my life as I realised how much better and easier life could be in those past years, but I am looking forward for all the future which is coming to me now. This therapy is the best gift I ever give to myself!

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